Watch The Giants

Watch The Giants, in Liverpool, in this short film from our summer 2014 visit.

The Giants in Liverpool

We had no idea The Giants would be in Liverpool. They appear in Liverpool every two years for one weekend only. The Giants come from Nantes and perform a circuit that sees this spectacle travel across Europe.

Sitting on Art

Inside the wonderful Walker Art Gallery is a selection of classic chair designs. You can sit in each, enjoy – or suffer – their design, and then hop to the next classic design.

Ferry Across the Mersey

On our must do list for Liverpool was taking the ferry across the Mersey river. The song immortalised the idea and that same song played on loop as we stood in line waiting to board.


We were in for an unexpected treat visiting Liverpool. We arrived by train from Manchester. A short journey of no more than thirty minutes. The difference between Manchester and Liverpool was striking.

Lights of Manchester Town Hall

It was a trick I discovered in Sydney’s town hall. When faced with a dark building interior, take photos of the lights from below. The results are fantastic.


I had never visited Manchester before. Manchester is city to the north of England and one steeped in history. Even with such a rich past, I know the city more through its modern place in culture - a place of music and as a counter-point to an all too often London centric country.


We arrived in York late in the day with the sun having set a few hours before. The streets were dark and we could only catch a glimpse of the fortified walls and gates that surrounded the old town.

National Railway Museum

We were surrounded by train engines, carriages, and history. The National Railway Museum in York, UK, was wonderful.


We visited Bristol to see the ss Great Britain. A steel hulled steam ship designed by Brunel. The city of Bristol itself was no less appealing.