Little Bubbles

News of the latest update to Power Manager is racing around the world. I know because I am watching it unfold before me. The traffic flowing around the DssW web site is placing small bubbles of activity over a map of world. Each bubble representing a page being viewed or an interaction with the web site. Read more →

Updates and the Press Release

I have learnt from bitter experience not to try and launch multiple updates at once. Or at least not to try and launch multiple products in a synchronised manner. There is too much pressure, too much to get wrong, and too much to coordinate. Read more →

A Selection of Free Press Release Services

Megan has mentioned free press release services before. For yesterday’s launch of Power Manager 4.0.3, we added a couple of new services to the mix. published on the release date. published on the release date. 24-7 Press Release published on the release date. SanePR published immediately. I found their web site’s member section to be extremely slow, with page response times over one minute. published immediately. prMac. Read more →

Celebratory muffins for AppleScript

Last week, DssW launched a new preview of Power Manager 4. This preview introduced AppleScript support. To celebrate we made chocolate and walnut muffins. AppleScript is never easy to implement. I have been planning our AppleScript implementation for more than a year. That planning paid off and the work involved was pleasantly stress free. As ever, a few esoteric aspects of AppleScript’s requirements caused moments of wonder but nothing requiring a change of course. Read more →