Every year, in December we make gingerbread snowflakes.

Feeling Festive

Growing up, the first weekend in December was when we put up the Christmas tree. This weekend still feels like the start of the festive season for me; our decorations are up, and the Christmas baking has begun.

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds (in the microwave)

I discovered you can microwave pumpkin seeds for a quick and tasty snack

Little Harvests

Today we got our first proper-sized radish; crunchy, spicy, and bright pink.

Aussie Barbeque

Living in the gastronomic capital of France ensures we are surrounded by amazing food, and a seemingly endless collection of new things to try. Still, there are things I miss that are hard to come by in France. So, our trip to Australia became something of a gastronomic event. This was not fine dining gastronomy, it was simple pleasures.


Our local market was abundant with new produce this week. Amongst the seasonal offerings, there was an array of fruit and vegetables that I have never seen before. One of these new discoveries is kaki.

Cooking Quinoa in a Steamer

It was a couple of years a go that I first started to hear about quinoa. Almost overnight it seemed to be everywhere; recipes were popping up on my blogs, and my colleagues were talking about what they’d made for dinner with it. When I saw quinoa in the health food store recently, I decided to get some and finally try it out.

Market Bounty

Wednesday morning. It’s an odd point in the week to look forward to, but Wednesday mornings hold one of my favourite moments of the week.

French Green Lentils

Lentils feature fairly regularly in our meals, and last week I picked up a bag of French green lentils at the supermarket. I haven’t used French green lentils before, but they seemed to be the common variety on the shelves.

Gingerbread - A Christmas Tradition

Christmas is just around the corner. The decorations are up, and the Christmas events are in full swing. But, until yesterday, there was something missing - our traditional Christmas gingerbread snowflakes.