Roman Baths – Bath

What visit to Bath would be complete without visiting the Roman Baths?

St Michaels – Bath

St Michaels has clearly moved with the times. Inside the walls are crisp, clean, and the upper level is a delight. The walkway from staircase to the church offices is a delightful mixture of wooden railings with a glass floor.

Bath – Guildhall Market

We visited Bath’s Guildhall Market. The market building contains an 18th Century pillar where trades were agreed.

Bath - Thermal Spa

Opportunities to sink into a thermal bath do not come along often. At least not in our world. When we booked our trip to Bath, we both knew that a trip to the thermal spa was a must.


Bath is an historically wealthy city in the United Kingdom. The thermal springs below ensured the city’s notability and prosperity over time. That in turn has led an assortment of grandiose architecture and adorned vistas.

Bath – Little Details

We visited Bath a few days before Christmas and saw the town during the shortest days of the year.