Lake Annecy

The surrounding landscape is awe inspiring with mountains rising up from the shore to the north and woodland covers most of the rugged views.

Religious Annecy – The New

Standing over the town of Annecy is the Basilique de la Visitation. This imposing modern church is far removed in location and style from the churches of the old town.

Watery Annecy - Bridges and Canals

Annecy is perched on the edge of a lake. Tributaries of the lake flow through the old town. The flow of water is managed and channeled between, under, and around buildings.

Religious Annecy - The Old

Annecy has quite a history with regard to religion and its role as a seat of religious power. Geneva is close by and Annecy claimed a reactionary anti-reformation stance.

Soaked Annecy - Old and New Town

Annecy has a pretty old town and a generic modern component too. Even in the rain our exploration was fun.

Sweet Annecy - La Cure Gourmande

We arrived in the rain and made our way quickly to the old town. Our hope was to spend time out of the rain, finding shelter in the shops, churches, and cafes.

Lake Annecy

We arrived in Annecy in the rain, but on our second day we were rewarded with bright sunshine. Perfect for enjoying a walk along the edge of the lake.

Annecy by Night

Annecy was described to me as beautiful and “tourisitique”, and it lived up to both of these descriptions.