Here is the full list of games I considered when trying to choose our new boardgame.

From TableTop
AlhambraQueen Games2-6 players
Castle PanicFireside Games1-6 players
Elder SignFantasy Flight Games1-8 players
GloomAtlas Games2-4 players
Last Night On EarthFlying Frog2-6 players
Small WorldDays of Wonder2-5 players
Star FluxxLooney Labs2-6 playersHas other themes.
Ticket To RideDays of Wonder2-5 playersEurope edition.
Zombie DiceSteve Jackson Games2+ players
From TableTop but more than two players needed
Chez GeekSteve Jackson Games5 players
DixitAsmodee Editions3-6 players
Dragon AgeGreen Roninnot available
FiascoBully Pulpit Gamesnot available
Get BitMayday Gamesup to 6 players
MunchkinSteve Jackson Games3-6 players
PandemicZ-Man Gamesnot available
Say AnythingNorth Star Games3-8 players
Settlers Of CatanMayfair Games3-4 players
TsuroCalliopeup to 8 players
Wits & WagersNorth Star Games4-20 players
Others and from Reddit - What are some board games actually worth buying?
Carcassonne2-5 players
Citadels2-7 players
Lost cities2 players
Forbidden Island2-4 players
Rivals for Catan2 players
Bohnanza2-7 players
Agricola1-5 players
Peurto Rico3-5 players
Dominion2-4 players

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Hedgerow shaped into a squirrel. Hedgerow shaped into a squirrel.