Exchanging a UK driving licence for a French licence

Following advice previously issued by the British and French governments, I requested my UK issued EU driving licence be exchanged for a French equivalent. Below is the reply from CERT EPE de Nantes: Reply from CERT EPE de Nantes Madame, Monsieur, Vous disposez d’un permis de conduire européen, délivré par les autorités du Royaume-Uni, et vous avez adressé au CERT de Nantes une demande d’échange de ce permis contre un permis français, le Après examen de votre dossier, il apparaît que votre demande ne relève pas d’un renouvellement de permis suite à perte ou vol, ou des clauses d’échange obligatoire : expiration du permis ou fin de validité d’une ou plusieurs catégories, demande de nouvelle(s) catégorie(s), échange consécutif à une infraction commise en France entraînant une perte de points, une restriction ou suspension ou annulation de votre permis. Read more →

Another Adventure

It seems once one giant insurmountable self-imposed ordeal is finished, another quickly follows. This time last year we were busy painting and decorating the house. That took far longer than expected and the summer months flew past. We were stuck inside wearing face masks and our oldest clothes, painting. By the time we were able to put our heads up, it was nearing winter. We have had this summer to ourselves to enjoy. Read more →

Ask Different

My contributions on Ask Different occasionally leads to people reaching out to me. A recent e-mail asked why I wrote on the site and what might improve it. I though the answers useful to share more widely. Maybe this train of thought itself answers their question? Ask Different is a web site focusing on questions about Apple related software and hardware. Its big brother is Stack Overflow; a site where the topic is software development. Read more →

Plastic Defects in Joby GorrilaPods

Megan took out her Joby GorrilaPod flexible tripod for the first time in a few months. When she picked it up and moved one of the flexible legs, it pulled away in her hand. Broken Joby GorillaPod Three cracks had appeared since Megan had put down the GorrilaPod. It has not been heavily used or stressed. The plastic had cracked with age, not use. Three cracks have developed over time in the Joby GorrilaPod. Read more →

Splitting More Movie Formats

I wrote Movie Splitter for us, my wife and I. We both have point and shoot Canon cameras that capture video in MPEG-4 format. The cameras have a nice feature called Auto-Hybrid. This feature captures a little video before each photograph we take and combines those little bits into a longer video. Over the course of a day or two taking photos, the compilation of little bits grows into a few minutes of treasured memories. Read more →


Our long established cherry trees have burst into flower this week. The warmer weather has arrived and the garden is returning to life. Cherry blossom Detail of a cherry blossom Detail of a cherry blossom My work is keeping me trapped inside for the bulk of the day but, when I can in the late evening, I am outside. Detail of plum blossom Read more →

Snake in the Grass

Snake in the grass The texture of the snake gave it away. The light reflecting off the skin seemed out of place, somehow unnatural and unnerving. It took a moment to figure out what had caught me off guard. Once found, my only thought was getting the camera. Read more →

Easter Baking and Brambles

After too many years without, this is our first Easter with a proper oven. What better time than to bake some hot cross buns? Ring of hot cross buns cooling on a rack. Hot cross buns cooling. Hot cross bun split apart. Spring and Brambles Spring has officially arrived but the weather has yet to take note. I have never been so keen to see the greenery return to the landscape. Read more →

Toggler Bolt and Screw

Having mentioned the Toggler bolt in my last post, below is a better photo. M6 sized Toggler bolt and screw The bottom photo is misleading. The bolt goes into the metal bar from the opposite direction, between the plastic strands. Read more →

Metal Studs and TV Mounts

Mounting our television onto our internal wall took more time and effort than expected. Our internal walls have metal studs and thus defy traditional advice aimed at wood studs or brick walls. We had long planned to mount our television onto the wall. The height of the television sitting on a low cabinet was not enough. When I reclined, my feet blocked part of the screen. The screen needed to be higher. Read more →